Frequent Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

If there's no uniform, what do we wear?

Our new uniforms are in the design process, we are hoping to have them soon!


Make sure what ever your little dancer comes to class in is comfortable to move in, and allowed to get dirty (we do some floor exercises so clothing may get dirty).

We don't require specific footwear for our little dancers, but do recommend well-fitted ballet shoes (we offer well-priced, leather ballet shoes for purchase!). If your little dancer does not have ballet shoes, then please come along with bare feet.

Those caregivers participating in Cherubs or Mummy & Me classes are required to follow the same rules as above (tutus and spiderman outifts included!).

We do have a few more rules for our Next Steps dancers, who are preparing to take their dancing to classical syllabus-based lessons in the near future. 

Can parents watch?

Miss Chelsea's knows from many years of experience that children learn better with fewer distractions. Less noise from parents in conversation, less disruptions from curious siblings, and less chance your little dancer will be running back to you for a snack means better value for money for you, and better results for your little dancer.

Obviously in our Cherubs and Mummy & Me classes, little dancers will be accompanied by an adult dancer, but all other guests are asked to stay outside in the waiting area.

We also know that parents love to see how their little dancers are learning and progressing, and this is why we have Watching Week at the conclusion of each term. During this week, family members and friends are invited into the studio to watch the final class of term and celebrate in each little dancer's progress. It is also an excellent way to prepare the little dancers to perform in front of small audiences ahead of the Presentation Day at the end of the year.

There are some occasions in which parents are allowed in the room:

  • During Cherubs or Mummy & Me classes where the parent participates in the class with the little dancer.

  • At a trial class.

  • If there is a serious medical condition that requires immediate attention.

  • If a child is significantly upset, or insecure.

Do you offer casual classes?

No. Miss Chelsea's requires payment by the term.

What happens if we miss a class?

If your little dancer misses a class, then you are free to make it up on another day, or at another venue, during the term of the missed class. There are no refunds for missed classes.

There are no guarantees that the available make up classes will be at a convenient time or location. Some classes may not be able to be utilised as make up classes (including presentation day, watching weeks, or other special events).

Should a class be cancelled by Miss Chelsea's, then a make-up class will be offered, or you will receive a credit toward your next term's fees.

How do the terms work?

Miss Chelsea's follows the Queensland school terms. These dates are available here.

Additionally, there are no classes on public holidays.

Can we start mid-term?

Little dancers are welcome to start at almost any time of the year excluding:

  • The last week of term as it's watching week.

  • The final four weeks of term four as little dancers prepare for their presentation day.

  • During Term 2 or Term 4 for Next Steps dancers

If you start mid-term, you will be charged pro-rata for the weeks remaining. In the case of Cherubs or Mummy & Me trial packs, the termly fee is calculated from the week immediately after your last trial.

How do we start?

Head over to our "getting started" page where you'll find a link to enrol!